GHG Accounting

Greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting is a business practice of measuring and reporting the emission of GHGs. It provides businesses with an understanding of their environmental impact, enabling informed business decisions that promote sustainable practices to reduce emissions. In addition, it allows business owners to identify opportunities for cost savings by reducing energy use and providing greater transparency in their operations.

Our Features

1. Global Climate Compliance

2. Accurate Carbon Accounting Risk Mitigation

3. Strategic Alignment with Business Needs

4. Quantifying Business Operational Footprint

5. Net Zero Carbon Reduction Balance

6. Building Brand Equity


The first step in GHG accounting is identifying all sources of emissions within a business. Businesses first collect data on organizational activities that are direct and indirect sources of carbon emissions in order to measure their impact.


Once all sources have been identified, the next step is to quantify their individual contribution to climate change. This involves estimating both the annual amount of emissions released from each source and the total quantity for the business overall.


Once data has been collected on emission levels, businesses can focus on reducing them through various measures such as implementing energy efficiency initiatives and setting up carbon reduction plans. This can help ensure that business operations remain sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment.


Finally, businesses must report on their emissions in order to make sure they are meeting regulatory requirements and demonstrating transparency. GHG accounting helps businesses develop effective strategies for tackling climate change and improving sustainability both now in the present and in the future.

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